Pied Piper Pharms - Specializing in pet quality Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy goats

Our babies have more BOUNCE per OUNCE!!!


If you have been trying to contact me and I haven't responded please accept my apologies.  In between upgrading the goat pen for the arrival of babies and taking care of my own NEW HUMAN baby I have been extremely busy.  Please text or email for the quickest response as my hands are full most of the time! 

Pied Piper Pharms is a small farm located in La Vernia, Texas. We breed both Nigerian Dwarf and African pygmy. Most of ours are a cross between the two.  It helps with the small size and the awesome coloring.  We also have a mini Nubian, a mini La Mancha and a mini fainting goat we will be breeding as well.  We make sure that all of our goats and our babies are well socialized before leaving to go to their homes. For the goat purchased we will also give you lifetime contact with us in regards to the animal or any concern you may have with goats and breeding.
When you buy from us we will educate you on your new pet.  Before you leave the farm we will show you how to worm, vaccinate and trim hooves.  After the purchase we will be available for any questions or concerns you may have in the future.  If for some reason in the future you are no longer able to care for you pet, we will give it a home at the farm.  We will also take in other goats that are no longer wanted or that you are unable to care for.
Our babies sell quickly and we don't want anyone to miss out.  If you have a color or sex in mind let me know and if we have something come up we will contact you. We will keep a list and call or email people in the order we receive them when babies are born.
If you don't know GOATS are the new DOG! If you search 'playing goat' or 'cute goat' on YouTube you will see why! They have been gaining media recognition, even in the San Antonio Express news! Some cities are now allowing them to be inside city limits with a permit as long as they are 10 feet away from a neighbors fence! They are huge in England as well as in Hollywood! Tori Spelling has had a pet goat for years and Blake Lively held one for her ALLURE photoshoot and even visits the farm where they live! Have you seen the DORITOS commercial???? This is the new IT pet! 
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